Bring your passion

To maranello

“I admire anyone who has a passion and the ability and commitment to cultivate it. These are the people who drive the world.”

Enzo Ferrari
We’re ready to launch our new single-seater, but one thing is still missing: YOU!
Have you got a special idea, brainwave, artistic concept, skill or talent that demonstrates how unique your passion for Ferrari is and why you are such an exceptional fan?
If you have, film it, upload it and we will use the 15 videos that best demonstrate what passion means for Ferrari fans at the forthcoming F1 car unveiling in Maranello!
The makers of the 15 best videos will be invited to attend the unveiling and see how we have used their material to celebrate the unveiling of the new single-seater and the passion of Ferrari fans worldwide.
So post your video showing your unique passion together with something that represents where you’re from, your home town or country, and you could enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
The contest is on…so fingers crossed!
Make a phone video
Upload it to the website
Take part in the unveiling

The Competition has expired.

Go to the Wall page to see all the videos uploaded by the Ferrari fans.

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